Here, I will attempt to actually have a blog where I actually type things. Let's see how this goes.

Date Entry
May 10, 2014
Catch-up time
So, a lot has happened since my last post. I finished my second year of college. I've been experimenting with teas. I reset my sleep schedule. I caught up on all of my shows. I finished reading Divergent and saw the movie. I got a short summer job. I've watched all of the Marvel Studios movies since 2008 except for The Incredible Hulk. I've started cleaning my room (lot of work). So, in backwards order:

Cleaning my room:
Blech. I hate doing it. Last time, however, I found more than 200 books that were legitimately a part of the mess in my room. Let's see what happens this time.

Marvel Movies:
I enjoyed them overall. I didn't care for the end of Iron Man 3 where
  • SPOILER.everything is destroyed and Tony starts again with nothing. I felt that it was a quick and messy "tie up the story now" kind of ending. Also, having grown attached to JARVIS, I was annoyed that, functionally, they killed him off.
  • I still enjoyed the movie though. I am excited for Captain America: The Winter Soldier to come out on DVD so I can watch it. I know it isn't Marvel but I also watched Green Lantern. That, I didn't like. It was poorly paced and just, in my opinion, not a good story.

    Summer Job:
    Last summer, I worked with the people who graded the AP test written responses on the French test. It pays fairly well. Lots of chance for overtime. Well, this summer I'm doing it again. This time, however, I will be spending one week with another subject area before moving on to French. Yay, money.

    I loved the book. Tris is an idiot, I think, but, I still enjoyed the book. Then, I saw the movie. I thought it was awful. I'm not the type to say that about every movie adaptation of a book I like. I thought Catching Fire was amazingly well done. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was superb. The Deathly Hallows movies were pretty good (save for a few things the biggest of which was MoldyVoldy's death but I'll rant about that elsewhere). Divergent, however, was terrible. It felt like they tried to rush everything. The plot felt like someone had tossed it in a blender and pulled bits out in whatever order.
  • SPOILER.They didn't show visiting day which is how Tris begins to suspect that her mother was a transfer. Edward and Uriah apparently don't exist, which is weird. I don't remember movie Tris finding out that her mom was divergent. Tris's talk with the Erudite lady went pretty much nothing like it did in the book. Tris wasn't even supposed to go to Erudite yet. Not to mention that, in the book, her reason she gave her brother for going was that their mother had told her to have him research the serum whereas in the movie, her mother said nothing of the sort. Tris's mom was supposed to send her to help the others and Tris was supposed to see her mom sacrifice herself from a distance.
  • So much wrong...

    My Shows:
    The shows I watch (favorite to least favorite) are Merlin, Supernatural, Community, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Atlantis, and Hannibal. I finally got caught up on Supernatural, which I only started watching relatively recently. I'm loving it. Sadly, with recent news, It looks as though Community is no longer running unless it finds a new home. Sherlock isn't coming back until 2016, apparently. That's the year I will graduate college. That's too long of a wait. This season of Hannibal has been a bit lackluster. There's less distinct plot in each episode and everything is running together but otherwise, I like it. Merlin's over. Doctor Who is on hiatus. Atlantis hasn't come back for a second season yet (not sure when it will: probably in the Fall). Now I'm just waiting for Supernatural and Hannibal episodes to air.

    Resetting My Sleep Schedule:
    I decided that I would try resetting my sleep schedule. The method I tried was to follow my body's natura cycle, falling asleep when I felt like it and waking up naturally, until I wake up at a normal time to do so. Then, with I take melatonin approximately sixteen hours later in order to wake up at the same time the next day.

    I stumbled across a post on tumblr about making your own tea. While the website it linked to was perfectly fine, it didn't go into enough detail to suit a person like me. So, I decided to try to reverse engineer a tea mixology theory from the teas I have. Then I began experimenting making my own with the spices and stuff in my house. So far, it's going fairly well. They are the ones with asterisks on the drinks page of my food blog.

    Okay. Now that that's out of my system, I will explain it. First of all, I just finished the second year of my Bachelor's degree. This past semester has been a struggle. I've had to deal with administration not knowing what they're doing. That same professor was also hypocritical and played favorites between his students. On top of that, I had to go to schools to do field experience in schools in the area. I just barely got enough time at hose schools to pass this guy's class (same professor) because I was given my placements late both times. On top of that, I, as a voice major, had to prepare six songs (only one of which was in English) as well as be in a choir and memorize everything we did in there. Also, I was in two General Education classes, both of which had several papers due throughout the semester. Toward the end of it, I had a struggle trying to figure out my housing situation for next year. Thankfully, that worked out. Thankfully, it all worked out. There was just so much stress.